Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Lonely Girl Love Story (part 3)

            "The day after tomorrow",,,yeah,,,that's it. At the next morning, he didn't come to my house, he didn't greet me prety nicely, and he didn't give me a milk. However, i don't know. is this what i want from him? And he make my wish come true? But,,,i don't feel like,,, i like it this way,,,,
              "Nice weather today. and there isn't a boy that came to follow me like maniac. wahh!! so happy!!" but,, even if i said so happy, i don't feel like i'm 'so happy' today. what's with this feelings? at school, he didn't talk to me, and i'm ignored him too. But, i feel lonely. just like before. no one who wants to talk to me. NO ONE. "just that boy,,,,just him,,,,but,,,why did i say that even if i didn't want it?! so stupid of me!" i,,,just don't understand bout' this feeling,,,but somehow, i heard someone just call my name,,,," Celia, celia!!! it's me!!!Kriss!!!" i open my eyes,,,so,,i fell asleep huh? "what do you want, kriss?" "i just want,,,to tell you something,,,you know, the guy who kiss you yesterday?" !!! of course i remember!!! "do you know him?! do you know him?! please kriss!!! i'm begging you!!! please tell me! you are my only hope!!! please!" "it's ME" what? it's Kriss? "you know Celia? I've always liked you. i liked you since we were at the primary school. you never realized that i'm always follow you. wherever you go. i'm always follow you. i never have a 'brave' to say this to you. this is why people always called me coward. so, i think. 'i'll confess to her someday!' and this is the day. but, you never realized me. so, i pretending to be your new neighbord. but, if you realized me for a long time ago, maybe now you will know me,,,not as your new neighbord,,,but,,,as the childhood of yours. and the point is,,,,i liked you. i can't control myself when you fell asleep yesterday, and suddenly i kissed you right? it's okay if you want to punch me or anything. as long as you happy with it,,," what?! so,,, this guy has known me so well?
              "i never realized him...but, he make me angry!! even if he likes me, he wouldn't do that to me! i'll punch him then!" that's what i thought. but,,,when my hand was so close to his face, my hand stop. "no,,, why i can't punch you, kriss?! why?! tell me!!!" kriss didn't say anything. but, his hand came to hug me,, and i have fallen to his big, and warm arms. "Celia, can you hear me? i've liked you. and i wish you will love me too. can you make my wish come true?" i don't know! what should i do? must i rejected him? or,,,,love him? "Celia, do you hate me?" "i,,,i don't really hate you but,,," "if you don't hate me then, why don't you just try to be my girlfriend? maybe you will like me someday?" Oh My Godness,,,why i didn't realized it earlier? this boy has saved me from my loneliness. because of that, my mouth can't say 'NO' to him. "o,,,of course,,,if you want tha,,," and suddenly, a warm lips touch my lips for the second time. God,,,can you make this boy always, and always with me?

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